A great present idea for the little ones!

Bring the magic! A range of poems, certificates & letters unique for each child, more than 20 models to choose from.  What’s more magical than receiving a letter from Father Christmas or a visit from the tooth fairy? Which child would not love to receive a personalised birth certificate or a certificate of bravery?



Lovely gift.  My daughter was so pleased with it and so proud to received a letter from Santa Claus.

Last Christmas, I gave the Christmas letter for the whole class and it was a big hit!  The children were amazed and so excited!  And parents kept talking to me about it for months.

Lovely birth present.  I offered the princess poem to a friend for the birth of her daughter.  She was so pleased and stand out from usual birth present at minimal price

My son has been hospitalised few times and has been so courageous each time.  I discovered your merit certificate and ordered it.  My son was very proud to receive his merit certificate and gave him strength and a big smile to carry on fighting the disease. Thank you for these moments of hope and ray of sunshine.