More than 30 personalised music albums! Each album to download contains 8-10 professionally written and recorded songs. Each features the child’s name sung live into the music over 40 times. The lyrics of each song have been professionally written to reflect the skills, spirit, and power of each of the characters. The end result is a fun, entertaining, high-energy CD where the child’s name is sung many times in each song to hold their attention unlike any other product on the market.

Music is an integral part of a child’s life, regardless of age. Now imagine that your child discovers a whole personalised CD with his name mentioned in each song! No doubt: his eyes will light up and his face will light up with a broad smile! Beneficial, whether it’s a baby lullaby or nursery rhyme, the personalised songs My World and I capture the attention of the little ones and allow them to become familiar with the sounds of their language and develop their curiosity.



The songs are fun and entertaining. The child’s name is used in each song to hold their attention as they learn their ABCs, counting, colours, sharing, manners, safety with a positive message to help build good self-esteem.

Each music album is made to measure

Each music album is prepared just for the child. The songs were written and recorded in our studios with each name sung, especially for each child.

Download or physical

Your customers can choose the download or physical version of each music album.


Find the full range of custom CDs available in 8 languages. A plus to encourage language learning from an early age.



This cd is awesome and this company goes above and beyond. I made a spelling error on my niece’s name. They sent me out a new cd! Highly recommend can hardly wait to give it to our niece’s and nephews in a couple of weeks. Thanks again!

Was given as a present to my daughter. Her brother and sister loved it so much that I had to get them their personalised CDs as well. Now everybody is happy. Thank you for this lovely gift idea.

A very good addition to the previous volume, the kids can’t get tired of these songs!

Gift to my daughter and it was magical when she heard her name sung in the album. She is so surprised and happy! A wonderful gift for new parents, a first birthday, baptism, or just because!

I bought this personalised CD as a present for my friend’s daughter’s 1st birthday. I think it’s been on the CD player ever since!!!! Excellent gift for interacting with a little one and a fun way to learn.

The songs on the CD are lovely, bouncy and just right for little ones to dance & sing!! Very pleased with it.

I bought the personalised CD for my 2 years old son. It’s amazing how he’s learning from it like how to count and naming animals. These CDs are actually very educational and singing their names makes them even more efficient teaching tools.

I bought it as a present for my nephew. He was so pleased with it and am going to buy more for my other nieces & nephews. Lovely happy tunes to dance to. GREAT buy

Love Music for Me music album. MP3 is easy to download and we can listen to it everywhere.  The songs are varied and are a big hit with my daughter.  She loves the wake-up song and learning the alphabet.