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Our vision: empower entrepreneurs to achieve professional success from the comfort of their homes.

At My World and I, personalised children books creator, we believe it’s time for you to harness your true potential. As a market leader and expert in distributing personalised children’s books, we take great pride in offering a self-fulfilling career to those who want to earn a substantial income from home. Through our dedication to ensuring you have unlimited revenue opportunities as your own boss, we remain committed to achieving our vision of helping children learn while helping you fly.

Our concept allows you to personalise, print, and sell high-quality award-winning  personalised children books, music albums and DVD cartoon (MP3 or physical), and educational kits from the comfort of your home. Each book takes less than five minutes to produce, allowing you the time to meet new customers and grow your business. In this way, you have the potential to generate profits rapidly within a booming market, with minimal initial investment.

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What you’ll learn during this webinar

How to become your own boss from home for better work-life balance, doing something you love and getting income for it while empowering children to learn while having fun and putting smile on their and their parents faces!

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How to become your own boss from home in a matter of days with just your computer and a printer, without any fixed costs, to improve life and amazing work-life balance

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How to start selling personalised children stories and tap into a booming market of million of children, a market renewed each year with more than 650,000 births

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How to generate unlimited earning potential with amazing profit margins, unlimited distribution channels according to your experience, competencies and availability